Experiential Reports of Complete Enlightenment

Hello all,

I found this site from the Dharma Overground thread here: The Modern Mahasiddha - New pragmatic Vajrayana discussion board - Discussion - www.dharmaoverground.org .

I’m very intrigued by out-in-the-open, plainly spoken reports of people achieving transformative changes in their way of experiencing being alive!

As there are now eight people in the Pemako Sangho that have attained buddhahood, I would be interested to read their first-hand experiential reports of how they experience buddhahood / complete Enlightenment - or the reports of anyone else who has attained the same!

I have just come across this site, so if this material is already available elsewhere then I’m happy to simply receive a link and go read it for myself :slight_smile: I saw the YouTube video in the thread linked above, but all that can show me is how I experience seeing a video of someone who has attained this. I’m interested in first-hand accounts of their experience.


Hi Claudiu :slight_smile:

The reading you ask for is still being written. It will be couple of months until I’ll publish it but like I said it will include 8 accounts with lots of juicy details.

Meanwhile, you can take a look at this. It’s my book where you can find accounts from several of the “graduated” individuals among the 8 from 4 years ago. NEW BOOK: What's Next? On Post-Awakening Practice | Pemako Buddhism - Vajrayana Buddhism for Modern People

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After enlightenment my eyes smile so big I have to peer through slits, especially in the face of grave suffering.

What is it about grave suffering that leads to your eyes smiling so big you have to peer through slits?

How could it be otherwise? It’s gorgeous.

So you’re saying that the experience of a genuinely enlightened being who has attained Buddhahood is that “grave suffering is gorgeous”?

Isn’t the idea of Enlighnment to end suffering?

It’s not an idea it’s just what is. Life is beautiful in appearance, but not actually arising. Lovingly appearing. Only a mind can make assessments of good or bad or ending or beginning; nervous systems can appear to emphasize this experience, superficially. That which is primordial and true is always so, fundamentally empty and full of love. That which is true never dies because it isn’t born, it isn’t suffering. Have you wondered what happens to a nervous system in a body before and after realization?

@claudiu In case you missed it, the book’s out.

I for one do not smile in the face of suffering. It makes me sad, and the graver the suffering the sadder I find it generally speaking. For me I’d say the closest synonym to buddhahood is non-fluctuating, or stable, sanity. The only thing special or different about it is its stability or unshakeable-ness. Other than that it’s plain and normal. Thank god :blush:

Dudjom Lingpa:

“If you think a buddha has a pleasant environment, a beautiful form, fine companions, great enjoyments and pleasures, and no anger or attachment, and that these are the exceptional qualities of a buddha, then a buddha would be no better than a god of the form realm. So such a buddha would not be anything more than a sentient being either."