5-MeO-DMT or Psychedelic Toad Venom

Who’s tried it? I’m researching 5-MeO-DMT and it’s poking my interest. Despite its name it allegedly shares very little with regular DMT (N,N-DMT) or other related tryptamines like psilocin/psilocybin in terms of subjective experience. I’d love hear someone with emptiness insight to comment on this drug.

While the phenomenon called “ego death” in the psychonaut community sometimes can happen on higher doses of mushrooms, mescaline, LSD-25, N,N-DMT etc. it is not a given that it happens on each trip, even on the same dosage and in similar set and setting, which for our strictly yogic purposes make them in a sense unreliable to work with.

From what I’ve learned without trying the substance for myself it seems that 5-MeO-DMT is different in that it only targets one type of neurotransmitter, and to be precise, it only targets the type responsible for the selfing mechanism and completely knocks it out for the duration of the trip, some 10-30 minutes.

In the more detailed accounts this experience translates in my head to a full blown first person non-dual experience of resting in dharmakaya itself. They say what happens is the self is initially completely obliterated and the tripper gets to experience themselves as pristine, primordial, timeless awareness alone for the duration. Then comes a ping ponging where the self tries to grasp at it, but the seasoned yogi will know to relax back into dzogchen mode, and then see their puny selfing patterns disintegrate into the light. Those who fail at letting go often have a miserable time and may become troubled by the intensity and ruthless nature of the experience, but those who do let go and allow everything to happen seem to come back highly inspired, invigorated and spiritually intrigued. It’s like the biggest OMG imaginable, and then some.

Where I live it’s classed as a potentially harmful substance and is therefore illegal despite not technically considered a narcotic. This does seem like that one in a million psychedelic that actually takes a person all the way to the heart of reality and then spews them out the other end with new first hand knowledge of how it is. I will try to update here once I have experience of the effects myself, I will probably have to go abroad to try it and God knows when that will be possible. In the meantime I’d love to hear if someone else looked into this with yogic intent rather than recreational and what they found.

5-MeO-DMT naturally occurs in toad venom and some groups still use toads but the drug can be synthesized fairly easily. Don’t go hurting toads in order to get high however fascinating that may seem. There shall be no qualitative difference to the experience like is reported with psilocybin mushrooms or ayahuasca for example.


I’ve only done sub-breakthrough doses of it so can’t really comment from personal experience.

But looking at people who’ve done a lot of it, it doesn’t seem like the experience permanently opens / purifies one’s bhumis / dissolves the self structure. If you look at people who’ve done a lot of 5-meo and compare them energetically with people who’ve awakened via other means, the difference is very clear.

I think the sheer energetic intensity of these experiences can also cause damage to the subtle body if one has a lot of blockages.

Yes, and many get traumas. My take is that most who dabble in DMT analogues are still in subtle ways seeking experiences rather than permanent liberation, but not everyone. There is one professor called Martin Ball who claims enlightenment from working with 5-MeO but I have not checked the credibility of his statement yet.

There’s also a guy named Leo Gura who took it to a whole different level.

He now claims he’s the most awake human on earth and pretty much everyone else is dreaming.

Meanwhile he admits he’s still struggling with his ego. But it doesn’t matter because he’s an alien God.

I wonder what would be the experience of someone who’s realized Emptiness and takes 5-meo.