Pemako meaning of 'tantra'

Howcome seemingly the rest of the world has another meaning of the word ‘tantra’, as being some practice of sexual nature, than the meaning used in Pemako (energetic with visualizations and guru yoga etc)?

Hejsan Mikael,

I’m a member of a fb group called “tantra” something and it is full of courses like how to increase your sexual pleasure-type courses. I think Osho Rajneesh (maybe some others too?) is the main figure who taught group sex practice and called it tantra. I don’t know the specifics of Osho’s thing but have seen some video clips. I think that started the whole new age sex tantra thing that is now everywhere. It is a pity that the word tantra is associated in that way but what can you do… except tell people that there is much more to tantra than having better orgasms. Wiki for context: Tantra - Wikipedia

Sexual practices have been part of real tantra that aims at enlightenment, of hinduism and buddhism for ages and still is. Dr Nida’s materials are good, Ep71: Karmamudra - Dr Nida Chenagtsang - YouTube

In Pemako we have a simple Vajrayogini practice for working with addictions or compelling desire, be it in any form, sex, drugs, alcohol, food etc. but no practices for sexual activities per se because the way I see it the main practice of recognising the basic state is enough and complete for all kinds of activities, including sex. I have learned those fancy tantric sexual practices from my masters but don’t see the point of teaching or practicing them in this time.

Hope everything going smoothly in Sweden :slight_smile:

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Terve Kim Rinpoche, thank you for clarifying so well and promptly. All is going more or less smoothly thank you, hope the same for you in Finland :grinning:

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