Samsara is predictable

Any news from samsara? A religious leader pays 690 000 USD to silence a woman, at the time an aspiring nun, he made pregnant. Samsara certainly is predictable. DNA Test Confirms Karmapa Fathered a Child, Source Says – Tibetan Buddhism – Struggling With Diffi·Cult Issues

Once again, a high lama who is regarded as a living buddha, who has a million followers and who is in charge or a whole school of Tibetan Buddhism, has fell on his face on the ground of samsara… And once again I think how the trust and faith of countless people gets shattered by this.

I can’t help to think how desperately the world needs pragmatic dharma that is transparent, yogic and down to earth because these samsaric lamas not only ruin the lives of their victims but ruin the trust of their numerous followers. It is such a pity…

As in the case of Trungpa, Sogyal, many others and now Karmapa, all this could have been prevented by reading his energy, his bhumi. I can tell you that he’s not a buddha, never was, and this made him liable to the same mistakes as all and any samsaric beings are.

If you have solid experience of the purity of buddhanature and read his energy, you’ll quickly pick up that he is just a little bit advanced samsaric being than most long time practitioners of dharma.
All this faith shattering could have been avoided by understanding that he was a samsaric being all along and in fact, not a living buddha.

Much power and healing to the victims of this lama and the victims of other lamas. May you be blessed and healed of the wrong that has been done to you <3

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