Use of modern tools and methods in Vajrayana/Dzogchen practice

Hello there everyone.
Respect to the Three Jewels.

The goal is one but the methods and tools to achieve it are vast.
Here I would like to show, read and discuss some of them:
-Shamanistic approach
-Neuroscientific discoveries
-Quantum physics theories and their applications
-AI developments and goals
-Quantum processors
-Virtual Reality as a tool in practice
-Modern iconography and sculpters of Buddhist art
-Mind upgrading substances
-Dzogchen of the future
-Mantrayana and the use of electronic sounds in practice
and many more…

Whether new or old tools or methods, the important question is whether they are effective in terms of recognition of the basic state. From the point of view of vajrayana and dzogchen, we need to know exactly what we are looking for.

Exactly. Rigpa direction…

May compassion and wisdom open in all sentient beings!

I would like to start with some base:

Chittamatra tib. Semtsampa or ‘Mind Only’, is a [Mahayana] school founded by Asanga, which says that all phenomena are merely mind, the all-ground consciousness, manifesting as environment, objects and the physical body, as a result of habitual tendencies stored within the all-ground.

“Mental afflictions, actions, and bodies, as well as actors and results, are like cities of imaginary beings, like mirages, and like dreams." Nagarjuna.