Welcome to The Modern Mahasiddha & Basic Principles

••• Welcome to the first pragmatic Vajrayana discussion board on the internet! •••

The Modern Mahasiddha has one main purpose:

  • To provide an open, safe and free place where we can discuss and share everything related to a modern, pragmatic and effective Vajrayana Buddhist practice which is based on the non-sectarian example of all fully realized masters (skt. Mahasiddhas) of past, present and future.

We strongly believe that complete Enlightenment - Buddhahood - is attainable for everyone who’s sincerely interested in it and has access to the most effective mind training methods.

That’s why The Modern Mahasiddha is pragmatic in the sense that it’s centered around teachings and practices that really work, regardless of traditions or cultures. This includes transparency regarding personal experiences and attainments on the Path to Liberation.

We see this “Pragmatic Turn” as a very important part in the spreading of Vajrayana Buddhism and the nondual Essence Traditions of the Mahasiddhas to the whole world. To make the practices and teachings of complete Liberation culturally available and practicable for everyone.

••• The Basic Principles of this Board are:

  • Pragma over Dogma: This board is all about the actual practice of the Dharma. It’s about distilling the essence of all Tantric practices and attaining first-hand certainty about what WORKS and what doesn’t. We regard a critical mind that questions existing dogma as a vital aspect of effective and goal-oriented Dharma practice. That is the reason why we openly discuss practices, teachings, personal experiences and attainments on the spiritual path. However, we explicitely welcome practitioners of all traditions and lineages of Vajrayana Buddhism & other Tantric systems.

  • Ethics & Common Sense: We emphasize openness and respectful dialogue, and encourage our members to share their viewpoints and experiences on this board. We do not adhere to strict vows of secrecy, the idea of certain topics as taboo etc. All questions can be asked freely. We treat all humans as equal regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, racial heritage, religous belief or identity. All humans deserve respect. We recognize our responsibility of behaving with kindness and honesty towards all sentient beings. We do not harm others.

  • Personal Responsibility: Pragmatic Dharma is grounded in a firm assertion of personal responsibility. Everyone is responsible for himself/herself to cultivate the proper attitude and motivation to practice the teachings of Liberation. No teacher can or will take that responsibility from us. Surrender and Devotion - understood pragmatically - is not about giving up one’s authority but actually about discovering it fully.

We’re looking forward to your participation in this potentially groundbreaking platform.

May All Beings Achieve Supreme Enlightenment!

Your “The Modern Mahasiddha”-Team